Embrace of agony

10. června 2010 v 22:07 | annadaele666 |  Básně
Is it so hard to accept
that just what I want is you
To feel your embrace
your tender kiss
All this emptiness and pain
comes over me and haunt inside

I´ve never suspect this love within I fall,
this love we have to hide
You camed and dropped me into painly passion
But I felt so cold when you went off
and left me in dark, ashamed and betrayed

Your face still haunt me everywhere
Such like a dark I cannot chased away
Have you ever forgotten for whiles we sense free?
Haven´t you remember the only thing
when I take you in my pain?

Oh, such a memories haunts me in mind
the things I wanted forget
and vanished that ones I want hold inside

This is what you´ve done, don´t you see it?
Calling for realm of your darkness
I´ve been left here without look
But once, when you may remember all I gaved to you
Than I won´t be no longer here to ward off your sorrow
and solitude in which we both been fallen...

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1 Lily Addams Lily Addams | Web | 24. června 2010 v 20:03 | Reagovat

Ještě by to chtělo překlad :-D

2 annadaelle666 annadaelle666 | 25. června 2010 v 14:07 | Reagovat

Nerozumíš? :) Mno dobrá, že jsi to ty ;-)

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